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Consumer Products

Beauty Products
Spa Themes Cosmetics Beauty Aids
Personal Care Products
Shampoos Toiletries Tooth Pastes
Food Products
Prepackaged Food Products
                 Canned Products
                         Preprepared foods             American White Long Grain Rice
Brand Name Consumer Products
... Close-outs, End of Line, Liquidations ...
Detergent Candy and Deoderants Shampoo and Conditioners
Sunlight, Tide, Purex,
Palmolive, Ajax, etc.
Degree, Gilette, Axe, Tag,
Fa, Rexona, etc.
Pantene, Dove, Herbal Essences, L’oreal etc.

Batteries, Cameras& Film
Duracel, Energizer Kodak, etc.

DVD’s and CD’s
 Tdk, Memorex, Hp, Verbatum etc.

Foams and Razors
Gillette, Shick, Old Spice etc.

... and many more. Please send your request ...

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